Process Engineering
- Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
- Process Simulations & Sizing
- Thermal Design & Rating of Heat Exchanger
- PFD & H&MB
- Up-gradation and Finalization of P& I Diagrams & Line List
- Process Data sheets for Static, Rotary Equipment & Instrument
- Design Basis Document

Instrumentation Engineering
- Instrument Index
- Instrument data sheet for all field instruments
- Develop logic diagrams and hook-up drawings
- Instrument cable and tubing schedule
- Instrument Layout and installation drawing
- Material take-off for instruments
- Engineering of PLC & DCS for Plant Automation

Electrical Engineering
- Equipment sizing and specifications (MCC, Motor, UPS, Generators etc.)
- Preparation of Single line diagram
- Electrical Load List
- Cable & Cable Tray size calculation
- Earthing / Lighting / Cable Tray layout for process & utility buildings
- Bill of Quantities for cables, Earthing and electrical installations

Piping Engineering
- Equipment & Piping Layout
- Isometric drawings & MTO
- Piping supports layout with details and BOM
- Stress Analysis of Piping
- Preparation of Specification
- As Built Drawings

Mechanical Engineering
- Preparation of mechanical data sheet for all static equipment
- Mechanical Design for Storage Tanks
- Preparation of GA & fabrication drawings

Civil Engineering
- Preparation of foundation layout and load data drawings
- Civil Design & drawings for Process & Utility buildings, Roads, Drains, Pipe / Cable Racks, Shed, Platforms, Equipment Supporting Structure, Truss Design of Roof for Storage Tanks etc..
- Material take off for Civil and Structural works

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